Star of 13

Introducing Star of 13

The Star of 13 is an energetic system for understanding human growth and spiritual development based on information originally channelled by Silja Winther and Lilli Bendriss. Since then, Silja Winther and Joanna Crowson have worked with the information, developing it into a system through research and application. They have spent many years refining their research to present it in an accessible way, offering a new insight into the world of energy that surrounds us and how to connect to different energies in order to fulfil our human potential.

Star of 13 offers concrete tools for working with personal growth by accessing the Spirit through connection to intuition. The system goes to the essence of the common thread underlying all ancient spiritual traditions, and focuses on translating this spiritual wisdom into a practical tool for both psychological and spiritual growth. Over time, science and ancient spiritual wisdom have come closer and closer to agreement in their description of the world; nowadays no particular religious belief is required to experience the world as energy, and this system is a tool that can be used by anyone, whatever their beliefs.

Through our book and courses we aim to make the information we have collected over many years more widely available and to offer a tool to connect intuitively with the energies and begin working on them in everyday life. But why would you want to?

Through conscious integration of the energies you can work on problem areas of your life and relationships, save energy wasted in meaningless repetitions, and channel it into achieving your objectives.

Many of us develop one aspect of human experience at the expense of others: the Star of 13 offers the possibility of developing spiritually as well as emotionally, giving us the chance to function more effectively in every area of life.

Let the Star of 13 be the tool on your path to creating the life you truly want! To find out more,  and to get a daily card reading, visit